The Dangers
of Water Damage

Whether you’ve just experienced a flood, burst pipe, storm, leak, or other type of water damage in your home or business, our experienced team can help.

Water damage can cause long-lasting results, such as mold and mildew, even after the water has been removed.

Oftentimes, homeowners aren’t sure what to do after a devastating water loss. But ensuring that your property is efficiently dried out is vital to retaining its value and minimizing the need for additional repairs. Once our crews arrive on scene, we will assess and address issues such as bacteria, corrosion, electrical issues, mold remediation, and potential foundation problems. Our locally-owned 1-800-BOARDUP offices are certified disaster restoration professionals with extensive experience in the restoration industry and in mitigating the disastrous effects of water damage.


We are so much more than just a board up company – we are committed
to helping people on one of the worst days of their lives.

Assess bacteria, corrosion,electrical issues, mold remediation issues

Mitigate water damage

Certified disaster restoration

I sincerely appreciate the immediate response and professional manner in which I was treated. There were multiple cities experiencing extreme flooding, but I felt I was treated like I was their only customer. I would definitely recommend 1-800-BOARDUP for any emergency.

Catherine Harman


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