Maintaining Work-Life Balance

Maintaining Work-Life Balance   Finding a healthy work-life balance can be hard in nearly any occupation. However, work-life balance can be more difficult for firefighters due to the stress we experience beyond emergency...

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What Happens When You Leave the Scene

A couple weeks ago, the following story appeared in the Boston Herald: One man died and three other people were injured in a fatal, two-alarm fire in Burlington on Thursday, according to Burlington Fire and Police departments. The fire that totally destroyed a home on...

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New Trucks Inspire Discussion

In November 2019, 1-800-BOARDUP posted the below article on our Facebook page and it inspired a multitude of comments and discussion. We’re including it in this issue of the Maltese Cross in hopes of inspiring discussion in your department and communities about the...

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Educating Your Community on the Dangers of Fire

What kind of educational programs are you and your department involved in within your community? Do you have structured plans to teach community members how to plan an escape? If escape planning is not a top priority for your department, it’s time to change that...

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Fundraising Reporting

Since 2009, 1-800-BOARDUP has raised over $6.5 million dollars for firefighter charities across the country. This is an extremely important dimension to our overall Value Proposition, and you should share this data with your local fire personnel during marketing...

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