secure your home

& property

There is an important step between the fire being out and beginning the
restoration process: structurally securing your property

We must inspect, contain and protect the structural integrity of the building. Our teams are highly skilled at securing your home/property,
whether it is boarding it up, covering your roof and even temporary fencing.

the goal is clear

We want to prevent any additional damage to your property and protect the community from any hazards caused by the disaster.

We are the integral link in the chain of victim services to structural stabilization to restoration.

Here are the many structural stabilization services we provide:

Board-up & roof cover

Shoring & structural stabilization

Temporary fencing

Complete building enclosure

Plumbing winterization

Temporary power & generators

Emergency cleaning & Deodorization

Emergency heat & AC

Emergency temporary repairs

Tree removal

Emergency demolition

Heavy equipment

Crime scene/bio-hazard cleanup

Emergency Number