Insurance Adjusters

Let us help you create a good relationship early in the claim.

Our reliable service produces increased insured satisfaction, and delivers skilled restoration personnel for reduced liability. We make buildings safer for returning occupants, building officials and claims adjusters.


  • We have designed our services with your needs in mind
  • We make a great first impression on your insured for you
  • Reduce the incidence of “black hat” fire chasers
  • Save time and gain immediate control over your claim
  • Don’t call a water tech to do a 1-800-BOARDUP job
  • Call the trained emergency structural stabilization professionals

Why Choose Us?

1-800-BOARDUP is an invaluable resource for carriers, agents, adjusters and property claims call center personnel. Our trained staff and systematized processes provide consistently reliable service that helps your company live up to your insured’s expectations.

We Answer Live 24/7 and Are Dispatched Immediately

Covered by Insurance

Skilled and Trained Professionals

Save Precious Belongings

Return to Service Faster

Get Victims on Road to Recovery


  • Board-up & roof cover
  • Shoring & structural stabilization
  • Temporary fencing
  • Complete building enclosure
  • Plumbing winterization
  • Temporary power & generators
  • Emergency cleaning & Deodorization
  • Emergency heat & AC
  • Emergency temporary repairs
  • Tree removal
  • Emergency demolition
  • Heavy equipment
  • Crime scene/bio-hazard cleanup


Emergency Number