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What our firefighters have to say

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the Oklahoma City Fire Department and myself to thank 1-800-BOARDUP  for your quick response, excellent service and compassionate treatment of the victims of several recent structure fires that have occurred within my district. Shortly after fire suppression activities had been completed you and your staff responded to assist the property owners of these structure fires and worked diligently to secure their properties from further damage, which may have potentially been caused by weather or unwanted intruders into the structures.

Bobby Lax

Battalion Chief

As one of the first non-emergency responders to our situation, your impact on us has remained indelible. The confidence you inspired in my wife and I that we could handle this and move forward, the genuine concern and patience you demonstrated, the gentle approach which was exactly what we needed at such an emotional time – all were, and continue to be, appreciated beyond mere words. It’s obvious that you have been to countless fire situations, your ability to deal with the shock and devastation which my family was experiencing was nothing but positive. I can’t express my gratitude to 1-800-BOARDUP enough

Jack Newton


Emergency Number