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1-800-BOARDUP is the nationwide leader in emergency structural stabilization services. Our trained and skilled responders quickly provide fire victims with a full range of emergency services to help them in their recovery.

This fast-acting emergency assistance helps protect fire victims against needless losses as well as predatory solicitors.

Our team of trained emergency responders protect victims from liability & further damage to their property.

Exposing the fire victim’s property to the elements only increases repair costs and lengthens the time it takes to restore the victim’s life back to normal. This is a common problem for fire victims; they simply don’t know what to do. Help protect the victim and their family by calling your local emergency structural stabilization professionals.

Call 1-800-BOARDUP and we’ll be dispatched immediately!

Firefighters are often the first to provide services for victims at the fire scene. Eventually, though firefighters must leave the victim to make decisions that could ultimately mean the difference between a smooth recovery or a drawn-out catastrophe.

Fortunately, this also puts you in the best position to be able to help the fire victim determine whether they will face the threat of further property damage, financial liability, the swarm of fire-scene solicitors, or get the trusted service known by firefighters around the nation by calling 1-800-BOARDUP.

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