Meet Colossus

On Monday, April 15, 2019, the world watched as the beloved Notre Dame cathedral in Paris was engulfed into flames. The flames were so dangerous and rapid that firefighters were told to retreat, saving their own lives. Commander Jean-Claude Gallet had a plan, however...

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PPE Trends

It’s no surprise that firefighters are at increased risk of toxic exposure of carcinogenic products and gases. In fact, that’s part of the job description – you know what you are signing up for. So why is it common to ignore Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)...

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Announcing the Big Dog Challenge

1-800-BOARDUP ANNOUNCES ANNUAL ‘BIG DOG CHALLENGE’ TO SUPPORT NATIONAL FALLEN FIREFIGHTERS FOUNDATION   Jacksonville Beach, FL - July 29, 2019 - In support of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF), 1-800-BOARDUP announced their fundraising commitment...

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2019 Advanced Market Development National Conference Recap

From Top Golf to scooter riding to Ron Mundy’s amazing DJ skills, the 2019 Advanced Market Development National Conference was one for the record books. We had a great time in Atlanta, sharing stories, ideas, concerns and more; we hope everyone left with a renewed...

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Empathy vs. Sympathy – Do You Know the Difference?

Empathy vs. Sympathy - Do You Know the Difference?   At a recent conference, a group of firefighters were asked to explain the difference between empathy and sympathy. The responses were eloquent and thoughtful, but we liked this explanation best:   By the...

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Personal Hurricane Preparation

Personal Hurricane Prep by Michael Hosto, Founder, 1-800-BOARDUP I wrote this email to our staff today and wanted to share more broadly as Hurricane Dorian approaches Florida.   Here is a practical list on how to prepare for potential hurricane. CASH IS KING...

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Recently, 1-800-BOARDUP of Kansas City made a $1,000 donation to the Mid America Regional Council (MARC). MARC is comprised of emergency providers, city and county governmental groups, and private sector companies that promote regional cooperation through leadership,...

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On-scene arrival & safety protocol:

Always park away from the scene and out of the way of any emergency vehicles' ingress or egress. Make sure that you have all your 1-800-BOARDUP gear on, your clipboard with you, business cards in hand and your victim’s assistance bag to pass out before you approach...

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January Webinar!

Are you struggling to get the call volume that you once had? If so do you wonder why? Join us as we discuss how you can “get back to the basics” of how you became successful in the first place. If your office is struggling for calls, please join us for our next...

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