Fundraising Reporting

Since 2009, 1-800-BOARDUP has raised over $6.5 million dollars for firefighter charities across the country. This is an extremely important dimension to our overall Value Proposition, and you should share this data with your local fire personnel during marketing...

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Network Partner Announcement With Savvy Outsourcing

Network Partner Announcement With Savvy Outsourcing Outsourcing Reinvented - Digital Marketing Expert Freelancers We are always looking into how we can help you build your restoration business. Today, we are excited to launch a new Network Partnership with Savvy...

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The Missouri Valley Fire Chief’s conference

The Missouri Valley Fire Chief’s conference is being held in Davenport, IA. from July 8-20, 2018. 1-800-BOARDUP has the honor of being directly asked by the chair of this conference, Lynn Washburn-Livingston, to be the primary sponsor of this conference. This is a...

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Update on FirstNet Rollout

AT&T is making headway on a national wireless connection dedicated to public safety. It replaces the 800 MHz system and other frequencies that have sometimes failed due to capacity problems. And FirstNet is promising to deliver. The network helps public safety...

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Avoiding Emergency Vehicle Accidents

Most states have laws requiring motorists to move over or slow down when approaching an emergency or public safety vehicle. But too many drivers fail to follow the law. Firefighters and EMT’s face many risks on the job, not the least of which is navigating traffic...

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Social Media Posts: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Social Media Posts: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Firefighters and other government employees are often held to a higher ethical standard than the general public. Therefore, we must be extra mindful of what we post on social media. Social media can be an effective...

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Beyond Duty: The Leadership Traits of a Great Firefighter

  Firefighters are already made for more. We are natural leaders, often putting our lives on the line for strangers. Here are some additional ways to be a good leader in our stations. Leadership is important in any profession, and ours is no different. Just like...

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