Fire Victims

Fire Damage Victim Assistance & Restoration Services

Have you just experienced the devastation left by a house or structure fire? If so, you aren’t alone.

We know from experience that a fire can be overwhelming and that it affects not only your property, but your loved ones as well. 1-800-BOARDUP has trained emergency responders standing by to help fire victims handle all the effects left behind after a fire. Our 24/7 response team is just a phone call away and they will immediately begin protecting your property from further damage and containing the damage already in place. We can start the fire damage restoration process immediately.

Often, victims of a fire don’t know where to start after contacting their insurance agent. One of the first and most important things victims will need to do is secure your property, so that further damage will not occur from inclement weather, or even vandals. At 1-800-BOARDUP, your locally-owned office offers 24-hour emergency response immediately and is ready to board up your property and provide restoration services every step of the way.

Fire damage goes beyond what you can see, and mold can form in as quickly as 24 hours after a fire, even if the building materials have been thoroughly dried out. If you have just experienced some type of fire damage, you know that sometimes the smoke, soot, and water used to put out the fire can cause damage just as serious as the fire itself. Left untreated, mold can cause various health issues for you and your family.

Our training and experience helps our crews to quickly inspect and contain the property by securing the structural integrity, protect it, and begin the restoration process. Our emergency response team will remove harmful carcinogens and leftover smoke odors using specialized air scrubbers and other expert equipment.

Here’s What To Expect:

  • You call 1-800-BOARDUP and speak with a live agent 24/7
  • We are dispatched and on our way
  • We arrive on scene and speak with the emergency responders
  • We make sure you are taken care of
  • We assess your property and secure it
  • We provide you with an estimate for the fire damage repair work
  • If chosen, we restore your property back to how it was before the fire!

Our highly-trained team provides thorough inspection and consultation to address your questions. You can always expect us to do the right thing, as we will provide a written estimate to repair the damage in your home prior to beginning. While we realize there are many disaster cleanup and restoration companies to choose from. We pride ourselves in being North America’s best trained emergency disaster responders. Each one of our team members has been trained to be “Best in the Business” through our special training program.

Don’t wait—call our team today to begin protecting you and your property!

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