1-800-BOARDUP Mission

The mission of 1-800-BOARDUP is to assist organizations who share our commitment to helping victims of disaster. Although 1-800-BOARDUP is a for-profit enterprise, our true success is measured by our ability to serve effectively those in need through our unwavering commitment to our core principles and values, which are:

Our Values

We Love our Dog (our brand)

  • It represents not just our company … but our culture.
  • Ours is a culture of passion, and a passion for service.
  • We believe deeply in our brand and the strategic value it represents.
  • We strive to emulate the culture, principles, and values of the fire service.


 We are Go-Givers, Not Just Go Getters

  • We place people before profit.
  • We do the right thing … ALWAYS.
  • We engage meaningfully in the communities we serve.
  • We give willingly, without regard to “What’s in it for me?”


 We Build Lasting Partnerships

  • We achieve this through compassion, sincerity, and generosity.
  • By recognizing that relationships of trust are everything … PERIOD.
  • By honoring all commitments: say what you do, do what you say.
  • By embracing the principle that “Our strength is in our unity.”


 We Always Seek a Better Way

  • Through collaboration, innovation, creativity, and resourcefulness.
  • With continuous improvement in systems, training, teamwork, and individual action.
  • Through obsession with our local service partner’s and first responder’s success and satisfaction.
  • By providing a rewarding and engaging work environment where talented, high-performance people can thrive.


 “We are always focused on being remarkably better than our competition in every market we serve.”