^853DE3D9DAFF230DC9A1536FD530FE42F8937A08B2BA9FD88E^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrWhile Halloween should be an evening of fun for little (and big) monsters, United States Fire Administration statistics show that more than 11,000 fires are reported each year during the holiday. In fact, during the short three-day period between October 30 and November 1, fire-related property losses totaled about $96 million. To keep all the boys and ghouls in your life safe, here are a handful of tips to ensure you’re treated to a fire-free Halloween.

No flame, no fuss! Lose the burning candles in your jack-o-lanterns this year. You can still enjoy the sight of a glowing carved pumpkin without the fire hazard by using more practical options like battery-operated and LED candles.

Be cautious. Make sure all smoke alarms around your home are working properly, whether you are simply handing out candy or heading to a friend’s house for a costume party.

Decorate smart. Decorations are the first thing to ignite in more than 900 reported home fires each year. Keep highly flammable items like hay, straw-filled scarecrows, cornstalk, crepe paper and dried flowers clear and far from heat sources. Be sure to keep exits decoration-free. You should always have two clear exits in case of an emergency.

Dress smart. Always purchase flame retardant costumes. Check the label on every costume, wig or accessory. Beware of excess fabric – you’re better off without the extremely long cape or the billowing witch sleeves

Give your kids the “talk.” Make sure your children know exactly how to react if their clothing catches fire. Stop, drop, and roll immediately! Make them aware of simple tips like staying clear of open flames, and provide them with a flashlight (and not a candle) in case pathways are dark.