A huge thank you goes out to 1-800-BOARDUP in Dover, DE from Raymond C Acocella, Sr, MSIA!

I would like to thank the employees of your company in the Dover, DE area. I called the 800 number, not knowing what help that could be available as the website page showed a Jacksonville, Fl address.

I was treated with the utmost respect and was called back promptly.

I told the dispatcher that I was calling for a friend of my family and that she did not have home insurance.

I was very surprised to be told that everything would be alright. The technicians that came from over an hour away were courteous and got to work quickly.

The work was performed with a smile and the gentlemen went out of their way, in my opinion, to take care of what was needed and ensured that everything was taken care of.

The house was buttoned up, and this made the homeowner’s burden a little lighter.

Thanks for a great team of employees and the caring that they showed in getting the job done correctly!