As the National Marketing Director at the home office, I am frequently asked: What makes 1-800-BOARDUP so different from other board up businesses? The answer is that we consistently and aggressively promote a culture of always doing the right thing because we are motivated by a true, heartfelt empathy for the victims in need of our help. Each of our offices being the “Best in the Business” every single time they interact with a victim or Fire Chief sets us apart from the competition. It’s more than a business to us; it’s our mission. The special level of care that we provide is also why we have attracted such an incredibly dedicated network of Local Service Partners and Directors.

In dealing with the routines and demands of daily business, our special mission can often just sound like words. But every once in a while I see a testimonial that truly drives home why all of us at 1-800-BOARDUP do what we do. Thank you, Tony Mallegni at 1-800-BOARDUP of South Elgin for sharing this wonderful testimony and doing such a great job.


Dan Karolewicz

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