Around 9:30 in the morning on March 12, 2017, firefighters with Snohomish County Fire District in Seattle Washington, along with the local 1-800-BOARDUP crew were called to a massive four-plex fire on Madison Way.

Fire officials said they believed the fire started because of a generator running inside a shed. “Holes were cut in the roof to let the gasses out,” said Director of Emergency Services, Rod Heivilin, who was also busy assisting the 5 people who were evacuated. “It’s bad, yeah,” said Heivilin.

The house is a total loss, but the 1-800-BOARDUP crew worked diligently to secure the remaining structure and make sure it was safe from unwarranted access.

TIP: According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, gasses like carbon monoxide from generators are deadly and can kill within minutes, which is why portable generators should never be used inside garages, basements or sheds.

Kudos to 1-800-BOARDUP of Seattle, WA!

We at the 1-800-BOARDUP Home Office greatly appreciate the heroic efforts of our Local Service Partners and would like to recognize them as often as possible. Please send us any stories or testimonials you may have so we can give you the honor you so justly deserve. Thank You!


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